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At the March 6th general assembly with all DCMO BOCES staff, District Superintendent Perry Dewey addressed the COVID-19 threat by saying, “The health and well being of our students and our staff are the most important items on our agenda and we will be vigilant to deploy our health and safety plan with your support.”  
Dewey’s presentation included an informational video featuring Dr. Peter Lin, a family physician and medical science communicator, explaining the virus, the transmittable disease threat, and prevention measures.Dewey encouraged staff members to adopt a vigilant and proactive role to prevent the spread of COVID-19, adding that “through hygiene, restriction of household contacts, decontamination, and social distancing, you can impact our efforts to protect everyone.”

DCMO BOCES serves 16 school districts and coordinates school health and safety education efforts for our region.   According to Dewey, BOCES has released information to all component school staff through web conferences to increase awareness of best practices used to reduce contamination.  “In addition, we have assembled links providing detailed information about COVID-19, safety practices, and deployment of emergency tactics,” said Dewey. (Click here to view article with additional  links:

A health and safety action plan chart was discussed with over 400 staff members at the general assembly.   The Non-Pharmaceutical Intervention (NPI) chart tracks absenteeism, and based on percentages moves the intervention level and deploys strategic actions.  This chart has been developed to manage all emergencies arising from infectious diseases and will guide the Health and Safety Team to act accordingly with the document’s recommendations.  “DCMO BOCES is taking proactive measures.  Our Operations and Maintenance team has also increased its disinfecting and cleaning tasks by targeting high touch areas to prevent the spread of germs,”  added Dewey.

DCMO BOCES will continue to work closely with New York State, the New York State Education Department, and County Health Departments to educate, disseminate information, and implement health and safety measures to manage the COVID-19 virus.