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DCMO BOCES Modular House Project Now Accepting Bids



DCMO BOCES announced today that the modular home building opportunity is now open for competitive bids. For a small donation per square footage as well as the cost of all building materials, students from Carpentry and Building Construction Program will build a custom home to the winning bidder’s plans and specifications.  Owners can design their dream home with custom finishes. Modular homes are built at the Norwich campus located at 6678 Ct Rd 32 in Norwich and the Harrold Campus at 270 BOCES Drive, Sidney Center. Upon completion, the homeowner coordinates the transfer, setup, and site compliance.

To participate in the building opportunity, the house must be ranch style and no larger than 1,500 square feet (exterior dimensions). Bidders must submit their bid on time, with a valid line of credit at a bank or local lumber company/store and provide a simple diagram of the house layout.  The bidder offering the highest donation per square footage will be awarded the contract after the BOCES verifies the bid documents to ensure all bid requirements have been met.   

DCMO BOCES has been building houses since 1990 with great success. Career and Technical Education Director, Jenn Waite said, “This project is a cornerstone of our Carpentry and Building Construction Program providing practical work experience for our students. Students gain real-world work experience as they build each custom modular home from the ground up while interacting with the homeowner to practice valuable customer service skills,”  Waite also commented on the compliance process, “Experienced instructors oversee each stage of the construction process, each house is continually inspected by code enforcement representatives who clear and approve critical electrical, plumbing and structural elements.”  

Interested individuals are invited to bid on a 2019-03 Chenango Campus project and the 2019-04 for Harrold Campus.  Two bids will open on September 20, 2019. The one bid for the Chenango Campus site will open at 3:00 pm and the bid for the Harrold Campus site will open at 4:00 pm.  Documents and more information are listed at