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Call For Artists - Connect to the Network!


The Artist network event presentation will begin at 6:00 pm with a reception to follow at 7pm.  Registration by December 3, 2018 is required.  CLICK HERE TO REGISTER!

Connecting regional artists to young audiences will be the highlight at the first Regional Artists Network event to be held at the Chenango Arts Council on December 7, 2018.  The collaborative efforts led by DCMO BOCES with the Chenango Arts Council strives to identify our local talent and connect them to the classroom. DCMO BOCES, as part of their vision to propel regional growth as a premier provider of educational services, is expanding the local arts network to introduce students to careers destinations connected to the arts.

The Arts In Education Program is a BOCES operated shared service designed to integrate the arts into education. Students experience professional, quality performances, and hands-on workshops and residencies, both in school and on field trips. Staff development related to a specific arts activity may also be provided.  Arts In Education Coordinator Jessica Dakosty commented on the value of joining the program as a provider, “A larger pool of artistic experiences provides our component school districts with diverse opportunities for fostering creativity and supporting student learning and engagement through a variety of arts and across disciplines.”  Dakosty urged artists to attend the event, “We would like to promote opportunities for integrating artists’ talents and expertise with learning experiences that meet the NYS Learning Standards for the Arts and other content areas.”

Enrichment Education Coordinator Martha Ryan commented about DCMO BOCES involvement in this endeavor, “Our students benefit from an early introduction to the arts as a life enrichment tool and also as a career destination option.  By working with The Chenango Arts Council and a group of artists and artist organizations, we hope to identify vehicles to engage regional artists with conversations on how to bring artistic experiences to our youth.”