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Regional Safety Summit Brings 140+ Leaders Together

At the Regional Safety Summit event held on August 1, 2022, Associate Professor of Criminal Justice at the State University of New York (SUNY) at Oswego, Jacklyn Schildkraut urged participants to build a strong alliance to protect students in the region.  From her extensive research of mass shooting in the United States, Schildraut shared lessons learned leading with the need to take every threat seriously.  The audience benefited from the information presented on the common warning signs including those from mental illness and victims of bullying.  

In her presentation, Schildkraus shared information on the best strategies to protect schools.  She began her discussion by commending the regional effort to connect their efforts to plan for the worst.   According to Schildkraut, the best tool to protect students is lockdown drills as they build muscle memory  to help staff and students act when presented with an emergency.   

DCMO BOCES led this effort with the proactive goal of connecting multiple regional law enforcement and crisis management organizations to support schools and protect students during emergency situations.  Schildkraus's presentation was recorded and it is available to school and law enforcement organizations to support crisis prevention effort.

To maintain communication and expand on resource information, this page has been designed and it will serve as a regional communications board for all partners to collaborate and support each other.