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New Visions Program To Hold Public Presentations
In conjunction with Morrisville State College in Norwich, the DCMO BOCES New Vision Program invites the public to attend a poster forum. 

Students in the Allied Health and Law and Government Classes have spent several months researching a topic of personal interest. 

Please see the link for detailed information about the event. Come and chat with future health and law professionals and learn what matters to today's youth. 


Sessions:  Tuesday, 05.17.2022 and Wednesday, 05.18.2022
Location:  Morrisville State College–Norwich Campus, 20 Conkey Ave
May 17, 2022, AM Session: 9:15-10:45
Gabe O’Dell--Allied Health, Sherburne-Earlville
Can a Vaccine Change the Course of History for HIV Patients? Genetics & Modern Medicine Provide Hope
Kayleigh Currie--Allied Health, Sherburne-Earlville
Healthy Living Locally
Josie Parker--Allied Health, Sherburne-Earlville
Birth Control Pills: The Risks and Side Effects
Ayla Shaw--Allied Health, Sherburne-Earlville
Anxiety is REAL: Learn to Live With One’s Anxiety Rather Than Against It
Nolan Reid--Allied Health, Norwich
The American (Un)Welfare System: The Death of Medical Consumerism
Alexis Slate--Allied Health, Norwich
American Beauty Standards on Social Media
Shelby LoPreste--Allied Health, Norwich
Environmental Impacts of Developing Alzheimer’s Disease
Taylor Finch--Allied Health, Norwich
Impact of Mental Health in Schools
May 17, 2022, PM Session: 12:15-1:45
Robyn Diehl--Allied Health, Norwich
The Problem with Birth Control
Addy Whaley--Allied Health, Norwich
The Effects of Social Media on Mental Health
Camille Gordon--Allied Health, Norwich
Why Victims Stay in Abusive Relationships
Taylor Homann--Allied Health, Sherburne-Earlville
Effects of the Outdoors on Health
Amaya Gilchrest--Allied Health, Gilbertsville-Mount Upton
Organ Donation: The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly 
May 18, 2022, AM Session: 9:15-10:45
Location:  Morrisville State College–Norwich Campus, 20 Conkey Ave

Brady Buttice--Allied Health, Afton
Student Athlete Troubles
Jadyn DeGaramo--Allied Health, Afton
The Physical Effects of Stress: What Needs to be Done
Seamus Nolan--Allied Health, Bainbridge-Guilford
How Can We Improve Police Response to Individuals Experiencing Mental Illness? 
Chloe Patrick--Allied Health, Unadilla Valley
How the Human Gut Microbiome Impacts Our Mental Health
Emma Peila--Allied Health, Oxford Academy
The Importance of Knowledge of Substance Abuse During Pregnancy
Tricia Bohannon--Law and Government, Oxford Academy
The Legality of Prostitution