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Planning Process Behind the Scenes

Planning for possible school opening is a complex and critical project.  Before the guiding documents were released, DCMO BOCES had begun preparation to comply with all requirements, and most importantly, to meet the needs of the 16 Component Districts served by the organization.

To remain informed and follow all recommendations, the Health & Safety team maintained close communications with the Department of Health offices for Chenango, Delaware and Otsego counties.   Efforts are underway to also engage with Madison County as they serve a small portion of the DCMO BOCES region.  The Health and Safety Team engaged in continuous communications with the Administration to develop processes and compliance documents to support the development of reopening plans. 

The DCMO BOCES Administration developed a structure to improve the planning process.  Eight subcommittees were created to represent the best interest and needs of services, programs, and component school support.  There is the ability to have up to 70 staff members volunteer to be part of the committee discussions.  

On  Monday July 21, 2020, District Superintendent Perry Dewey  addressed all staffed with an update on the guiding documents available for planning efforts.  Dewey guided staff to find all documents on the website and also urged staff to share and distribute these documents to community members. 

Dewey also explained that these plans were living documents with an open format to allow for adjustments, improvements and additional strategies to protect everyone. “To protect the lives we serve, the staff we hold dear and to support our component districts is our goal.”