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First Day of School!
Tuesday was the first day Ms. Acunto’s elementary class was held in their new classroom, at their new school. The class moved from DCMO BOCES Pole Campus in Norwich to the Gilbertsville-Mount Upton School, which is now hosting them. Students have their own classroom – fully set up in the last few days by Operations and Maintenance staff from BOCES and G-MU, complete with familiar furnishings and their own previous work hanging on the wall inside and outside the room.

The students will also be able to participate in music and physical education classes with their G-MU peers, attend lunch, and enjoy the school playground.

Ms. Acunto is being assisted in the classroom by DCMO BOCES aide Leeann Hagen and Jennifer Greenman, who is provided by the Afton School District. Director of Special Education Sara Stafford also joined the class for their first day.