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Mentorship Program To Help Employers Recruit Graduates

The DCMO BOCES is searching for individuals interested in career mentoring roles to join a regional program that will benefit over 300 young people in the Delaware, Chenango, and Otsego counties.  According to the DCMO BOCES Director of Career & Technical Education, Jennifer Waite, the program's goal is to increase graduate employability in our region.

The workforce development program funded by the Appalachian Regional Commission will provide incentives for 12th-grade students to complete a mentoring track that includes; resume preparation, mentoring sessions and a work-based learning experience.  The pilot program aims to explore a partnership with area membership organizations to serve as recruitment ambassadors.  The Delaware Chamber of Commerce, Otsego Chamber of Commerce, and Commerce Chenango will recruit and help employers connect to the mentoring program.

The pilot program benefits local employers with access to young workers, "We surveyed over 700 students in 2020, asking what they needed to find and consider local jobs.  Among the top needs expressed by students was the need to talk to someone to sort out choices.  This program allows employers passionate about mentoring to ignite interest in local jobs and explain the opportunities to advance and grow with the company," said Waite.  

Moved by the same goal to retain our young in our region, The Foundation for South Central New York and the Greater Norwich Foundation expanded with their funding resources to provide students transportation, meals, and other tools to join work experiences.  

"We must invest in our young understanding that their generation has different needs and motivators.  Shifting the paradigm will be very important.  This program has the potential to inspire our students to explore local careers and build their families and life in the communities we love," said DCMO BOCES Program Coordinator Martha Ryan. 

Individuals interested in joining the program or learning more about the opportunity must attend an orientation session.  The orientation and enrollment process will occur on January 6, 2023, at SUNY Oneonta's Morris Hall Conference Center.  The event begins with a complimentary lunch and will feature a keynote speaker presentation and orientation session by an experienced mentor, Steven Palmatier.  

 "We have a crucial role to play in the success of guiding our graduates to the remarkable career opportunities in our region.  We urge employers, community leaders, educators, and young professionals to find their place in this worthwhile effort," said Waite.

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