Growing Readers presents: A summer activity calendar for July

As we look forward to a summer where our kids may not be able to participate in some of their usual activities, Growing Readers, our regional affiliation of the Campaign for Grade Level Reading, has put together a summer activity calendar that features a daily activity for parents and their early elementary-aged children.  

Research on the "summer slide" tells us that students tend to lose academic ground over the summer, and it's estimated that more academic progress will be lost this summer due to the COVID 19 closures.  Daily math and literacy activities can help mitigate that loss.  

No computer needed!
JULY 1: Play your child's favorite game today.
JULY 2: Gather 5 or 6 objects from aroumd your home. Now make up a story using all of the objects.
JULY 3: Sing a song about the sun today.
JULY 4: Happy 4th of July! What can you find out about the Declaration of Independence? Memorize one line!
JULY 5: Fill in the missing numbers on the calendar!
JULY 6: Mix up all the shoes in the house and then match them up again.
JULY 7: Write a thank you note to the author of your favorite book, telling them why you like their book.
JULY 8: Sit together and draw a picture of each other. Now draw a self-portrait.
JULY 9: Make a set of cards with numbers 1 to 10. On the other side draw the same number of dots.
JULY 10: Imagine you're going to live under the sea. What would you bring with you? How would you get there?
JULY 11: Clap the letter of the alphabet as you sing the A B C song.
JULY 12:  Mix up all the shoes in the house and then match them up again.
JULY 13: Look through photos together and tell the story of what is happening in each photo.
JULY 14: Listen to the birds throughout the day. Can you make the same sounds they do?
JULY 15: Contact your local library to find out about the Summer Reading Program!
JULY 16: Look at the weather forecast for the weekend. Talk about how the weather will affect your plans.
JULY 17: Make a greeting card for a friend, family member, teacher, or community helper.
JULY 18: Bake something together. If you can't bake for real, then just pretend! Practice measuring things.
JULY 19: Gather 5 or 6 objects from around your home. Now make up a story using all of the objects.
JULY 20: Sing your favorite song from the radio together today.
JULY 21: Can you see flowers outside your home? Draw some flowers together or make some out of paper.
JULY 22: Write a poem together about summer today!
JULY 23: Play your child's favorite game today.
JULY 24: Look at famous art online if you can. Then draw your own pieces of art to hang on the wall. 
JULY 25: Count together to 50. Now count backwards from 50 to 0.
JULY 26: Take a break from all screens today, even if just for an hour or two.
JULY 27: Read a book outside in the shade today.
JULY 28: At home or on the go, play "I Spy" with rhymes--"I spy with my little eye something that rhymes with ___________"
JULY 29: Make up some works in a secret language that only the two of you can use.
JULY 30: Cook something together and count the ingredients, or half or double the recipe.
JULY 31: Use  a flashlight and a blank wall to make shadow puppets with your hands.
Growing Readers, a DCMO Community 
Our Mission is to align people, resources and data to ensure that all students through third grade are reading at or above grade level. 
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