Regents Test Fees - BOCES responds to parent's concerns

Families not responsible for Regent Fees resulting from emergency evacuation

Responding to public concerns about fees charged to parents for missed Regents examination, DCMO BOCES District Superintendent Perry Dewey stated, “It is important to clarify that DCMO BOCES does not charge parents for payment of Regent’s test.”  There is however; a fee for scoring of those tests. These charges are billed to the corresponding component school districts. The concerns connect to the emergency evacuation at the Chenango Campus conducted on August 16, 2018 when a bomb threat was recorded and the safety team moved all students from the school. Some of the students were completing the morning session of the Regents test. Other students were unable to take the afternoon Regents test due to the school closing. 

Dewey also added the following statement about the related costs connected to the Regents evaluations, “The emergency evacuation prevented DCMO BOCES from administering the afternoon test.  DCMO BOCES never issued, and will not issue any charge for this test,” said Dewey. He also added that the school districts were charged for the morning examination due to the fact that the test was scored. 

In a letter dated 8/22/18, Jennifer Waite-Ambra, Director of Career and Technical Education explained to school district superintendents the details of the Regents fees and were made aware of all details.

“We understand that parents lack knowledge of our process and may not be aware of who is responsible for payments.  During this emergency situation, the DCMO BOCES team worked together to keep our students safe. I am very proud of our staff and the way they handled this emergency situation.,” said Dewey.

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