Print Shop Appreciation

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The DCMO BOCES Print Shop is always innovative and committed to supporting districts, but we've seen them rise up to do even more during this pandemic.

--The 2020/2021 Budget Season demanded availability of new deliverables in an extremely short period of time, but the Print Shop team got it done. (The ballots and ballot envelopes were all in addition to normal years' productivity, as required by NYS.):

Budget Hearing Postcards: 116,775
Absentee Ballots: 44,105
Absentee Ballot Envelopes: 230,406
Budget Newsletters: 117,194
Budget Postcards: 134,949
Bulk Mail Postage: $43,783
First Class Postage: $28,740

--New Print Shop products and preparation have been underway as well: Class of 2020 signage prepared at DCMO appeared in districts all over our region.

--Coming soon: as all districts plan communications strategies relevant to reopening schools, new products are being designed and materials are being made ready. They are prepared to help at districts' request.

Thank you, everyone!
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