Enrichment Education

DCMO BOCES Instructional Services Enrichment Education serves 35 school districts in the region including DCMO BOCES schools, ONC BOCES schools, parochial and private schools, as well as home schools.  Enrichment Education includes a wide range of student supports and activities that are aligned to New York State standards.  Students may not earn credits through these activities.

Some Enrichment Education Programs are provided free of charge to students thanks to an educational consortium as well as the kind support from business and community sponsors.

Family, friends and community partners are welcome to join our efforts.  Donations of time and financial resources enhance the many opportunities we offer.  Your future citizens benefit from mentoring and support efforts.  We encourage you to connect with us to find your role and work with us to enhance educational opportunities.

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Ginger Rinaldo
Assistant Superintendent of Instructional Services

(607) 335-1445

Kerry Simmons
Administrative Assistant for Instructional Support Services
(607) 335-1360


Additional Enrichment Education Opportunities