Distance Learning

The Distance Learning Service supports school districts in meeting the diverse academic needs of all students and seeks to fill the gap in teacher shortages. The evolution of technology provides more accessible and reliable delivery of instruction in any classroom or virtual setting. This service supports advanced, credit recovery, and remedial course options. In addition, this service provides 1:1 and group tutoring opportunities.

With an expansive course catalog, featuring synchronous and asynchronous online learning opportunities available, school districts have a variety of options for supporting students. This service also includes the design  and operation  of  the  connection systems,  management of  instruction,  reporting student  achievement  to  participating school districts and the evaluation of the service.


Betsy Hartnett
School Library System Coordinator &
Assistant Director of Technology
(607) 335-1371

Stephanie Curnalia
Educational Technology Program Specialist
(607) 335-1373

Rachel Everitt Solabac
School Library Clerk 
(607) 335-1364


The Distance Learning Program is designed to support the academic needs of school districts within the DCMO BOCES region based in New York State.

Distance Learning combines the virtual learning environment with the academic support of students being in a physical learning atmosphere.

This program serves students seeking graduation course credit through core, AP, and elective courses.


  • We believe students can and will succeed provided a differentiated and engaging learning environment.

  • We believe students have the right to learn at the pace that supports their learning needs.

  • We believe students can become contributing, independent, and self-sufficient individuals with the appropriate academic support.

Program Structure

  • Virtual synchronous instruction and asynchronous coursework with instructional support by a NYS certified teacher through online programs.

  • Virtual synchronous on-demand and scheduled tutoring support.

  • Virtual AP and dual-enrollment concurrent college level credit courses partners with local colleges and universities.

  • Access to virtual field trips and online experiences for students without leaving the classroom.

Distance Learning Services Program Components

This learning opportunity is designed specifically to provide virtual learning through online programs available. See below for the current list of online programs.

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