Board of Education

The elected Board of Education guides and oversees DCMO BOCES developing policies and fiscal responsibilities.  The District Superintendent leads the implementation of policies and the strategic plan.  Staff plays multiple roles supporting the needs of educators, students, and our community.

Important Board of Education Member Information

The links to the right provide important information for Board members regarding Open Meetings laws and requirements as well as regarding Annual Professional Performance Review (APPR) guidance.

Foil Requests

It is the policy of the Board of Education to inform members of the public about the administration and operation of the public schools in accordance with the Freedom of Information Law of the State of New York. Please review Board Policy 1100 (linked to the right) and follow the FOIL process of the DCMO BOCES to request records.

Complete the Application for Public Access to Records for the DCMO BOCES to provide specific details of the record or records you are requesting Review and complete the worksheet when requesting records for Bids/RFPs and attach it to the FOIL Request Form.
Submit the FOIL request form to the Records Access Officer by following the linked contact above, or by mailing your request to:

Attn: Board Clerk
142 Whaupaunaucau Rd

Norwich, NY 13815


Robin Winchester
Board Clerk/Records Access Officer

(607) 335-1227

BoardDocs link; green tree symbol

DCMO BOCES uses BoardDocs to publish:
• Meeting agendas
• Meeting Minutes
• Board Policies
• Other associated documents

Please click the BoardDocs logo shown above to be redirected to our public section of Board Docs. Archived Board of Education documents prior to 2016 can be accessed by clicking the button below.


Open Meetings Information

Annual Professional Performance Review

FOIL Information & Forms

Our Board of Education

Vanessa Warren

Afton CSD (2024)

David Cruikshank
Vice President

Otselic Valley CSD (2025)

John Klockowski
Norwich CSD (2025)

Yvonne LaViola
Greene CSD (2026)

Cindy O’Hara
Unatego CSD (2024)

Jeanne Shields
Bainbridge-Guilford CSD (2025)

Melissa Stagnaro
Oxford Academy CSD (2026)