Administrative Cabinet

Michael D. Rullo, DCMO BOCES District Superintendent


I would like to take this opportunity to introduce myself. My name is Michael Rullo, and I am the new DCMO BOCES District Superintendent.  

I am excited to have the opportunity to serve our school superintendents, our staff and most importantly our students.  The DCMO BOCES schools are so similar to the rural school community I have served for the past 15 years.  Elevating the opportunities we can offer our students beyond the rural limitations and challenges we face is my personal interest.

—NYS Commissioner of Education Betty A. Rosa appointed Michael J. Rullo as the DCMO BOCES District Superintendent on October 26, 2022. He began his tenure with the DCMO BOCES on February 13, 2023. 


Michael Rullo
District Superintendent

Dori Bates
Secretary to the District Superintendent
(607) 335-1233


Administrative Cabinet

Photo of Ginger Rinaldo

Ginger Rinaldo
Assistant Superintendent for Instruction

Jennifer Waite
Director of Career & Technical Education

Sara Stafford
Director of Special Education

Patti Gallaher
Director of Educational Services

Randy Pryor
Director of Finance

Robert Avery
Director of Services

Role of a BOCES Superintendent

A district superintendent is the chief executive officer of an individual BOCES. The district superintendent is responsible for both the BOCES and its component districts. A district superintendent also serves as the commissioner of education’s representative to the region.

District Superintendent Services

Liaison Services
The district superintendent facilitates communications between the New York State Education Department and local districts, as well as other public and private agencies.

Superintendent Searches
Upon request, the district superintendent may assist component school districts in their selection process of a new school superintendent. The district superintendent at the BOCES may serve as a consultant for recruitment, screening and evaluation of candidates.

Consultant Services
Drawing from various resources, the District Superintendent is available to consult with school districts on a variety of educational topics including, but not limited to:

  • New York State Board of Regents Standards

  • State Education Department Commissioner’s Regulation interpretations and clarifications

  • Student outcomes

  • Board-administration relationships

  • Board and District goal setting

  • Board governance training

  • Board of Education self-evaluation

  • Management and planning

  • School boundaries

  • Reorganization and mergers

  • Staff development