Special Program Finances Management

Special Program Finances Management

Special Programs Finances Management

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Laura Churchward

Special Program Finances Service developed out of a need for school districts to become more effective and efficient in maximizing their State Aid potential. In 2004, we provide services to many component districts. To date, we work collaboratively with over 50 school districts across Upstate New York.

In 2005, our Medicaid Reimbursement Service was added, providing service to three-component
districts. Today, our Medicaid Program services over 40 school districts.

The following are some of the services we offer:

System to Track & Account for Children (STAC)

Our STAC Service is designed to work collaboratively with the CSE Office and the School Business Official. Our service goal is to bridge the gap between finances and programming for the benefit of students. Our service provides the following to participating districts:

• Act as a liaison between District Offices, SED, STAC Unit, Questar III State Aid Planning, and the Rate Setting Unit
• STAC High Cost, Summer, Private, and Chapter students throughout the school year
• Tracking of Foster Care placements and assistance with Foster Care billing 
• Gather and analyze data to compute the cost of in-district students and their programming
• Promote communication and provide continual training on current State Aid topics.
• Co-Ser Service

Medicaid Reimbursement Service
Our Medicaid Reimbursement Service is designed to be a collaborative effort between our staff and your CSE Medicaid designee. Our service provides the following to participating districts:

• Act as a liaison between school districts and the SED, OMIG, Department of Health, Regional Information Centers
• Monitor all documentation and program compliance
• File claims monthly
• Update ClearTrack and Frontline IEP information
• Communicate updates, issues, and activities on a regular basis
• Provide on-going service support and training related to Medicaid Reimbursement
• Co-Ser Service

Additional Services
The Special Finances Management service can customize solutions to support your district.  The following is a list of additional services we can provide:

• Review of Special Education Fiscal Procedures and Audit support
• Consultation Services
• Presentations/Training
• Medicaid Compliance Program Support
• Cross Contracts Available
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