Planning & Scheduling

Planning & Scheduling


Planning a Visiting Artist Program 

(Instructions for tickets for admission for field trips are on the Ticket Request Form)

Selections of artists and programs may be made by a planning committee, teachers, administrators, parents and students. Carefully consider the purpose for bringing the artist to the school, how this arts experience improves learning for the students, and how it integrates with the curriculum goals. Will the presentation be an assembly, workshop or residency (series of workshops)?

Good planning includes the following items:

  • discussion of the purpose for the activity
  • details of what will occur each time the artist is with the students
  • what the artist needs to be successful
  • what the school can provide
  • what preparation the students need
  • what the follow-up activity is
  • how the art experience will be evaluated

Review the catalog. Program descriptions are organized by arts category. The Artist List and the Index reference artists by name and connect AIE presentations to other school subjects. The online catalog has a keyword search function. The new National Core Arts Standards focus on dance, media arts, music, theatre and visual arts (New York State is in the process of adopting/adapting these). Their contact information is in the catalog. You are not limited to the artists and programs listed in this catalog.

Call the artist or the Arts in Education office for further clarification of program descriptions and for assistance in planning. You may preview artists' work from our lending library or at the artists’ websites.

Helpful arts integration forms:

Scheduling a Visiting Artist Program

1. Contact your school district's Arts-In-Education Coordinator or check with your school administrator on the availability of funds and the school's procedure for handling program requests.

2. The Program Request Form is used to order in-school programming. Complete a request form (found in the back pocket of the catalog or at this website). Copy/print the original request form as needed. Be sure to provide all information.

3. Follow your school's procedures. In order to process requests, the AIE office must receive the completed request form, signed by the AIE Coordinator and anyone else required to authorize requests. If your school district allows it, email authorization is acceptable.

4. A three-week lead-time is minimum for booking artists. AIE staff will contact the artist to verify the presentation you have scheduled or try to schedule a presentation on one of the dates you requested. Please note that many artists schedule programs months in advance. The sooner requests are made, the greater the likelihood of scheduling programs. In the event a program cannot be scheduled, your AIE coordinator will be contacted for alternative choices.

5. A confirmation contract of the scheduled presentation will be sent to the artist and to the district AIE Coordinator, along with an evaluation form. The district coordinator will then forward the forms to the teacher(s) involved. The teacher requesting the program is responsible for contacting the artist to plan and then reconfirm the scheduled presentation approximately one week before it is to occur. Should there be a problem contacting the artist, call the AIE office; we are happy to help.

6. The educators and artists involved will evaluate the experience and return evaluation forms to the AIE office. The artists submit a claim form to the AIE office and DCMO BOCES pays the artist.

About Prices:

1. Artist/presenter fees are set by the artist. Travel costs are calculated at the current IRS rate unless indicated otherwise in the description. The AIE office will calculate travel expense at the time of booking.

2. The 10% administrative fee is assessed on the artist's fee only, not travel or materials costs.

3. A presentation of one class period in length is a quarter-day, a half-day involves two such presentations, and a full-day is four presentations unless otherwise noted by the artist.

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