This is a full-day alternative program granting academic credit to students grades 9-12. The Pathways gives students the opportunity to learn beyond the traditional academic boundaries. Students have an opportunity to work with real-world problems and challenges to come up with solutions and ways to manage. The project-based program approach emphasizes learning to learn, problem-solving, and teamwork.

This program gives students opportunities to connect with the communities where they live to develop support systems. Students have an opportunity to change their perceptions and achieve success.

This program blends the academic classes, on grade level, within a supportive system. The smaller class setting is excellent to provide students with more attention and resources. Students also explore career options with a hands-on approach. They get to do things and experience the job. This approach helps students choose a career path that fits their passion and skill level.

Social skills development is a very important part of this program. Students interact with others developing their own community where they learn to respect, keep promises and commitments, and accept responsibility. The program also offers students opportunities to practice courtesy, punctuality, improve communications, and build self confidence.

Contact Information:

Jennifer Waite
Director of Career & Technical Education
(607) 335-1234 
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