Health Occupations

Health Occupations


Take a look at the posted jobs, Health Care careers are in demand, and the compensation levels are one of the best in the region. DCMO BOCES has opportunities for you to enter the healthcare field with three options for jobs that are both financially and personally rewarding. Gain a distinct career advantage when you enroll in one of DCMO BOCES Health Occupations programs. Our courses are affordable, and with so many flexible schedule options, we can help you fit your new career education into your busy schedule.

Our programs are offered at both the Pole Campus located in Norwich and at the Harrold Campus in Sidney Center. The small class size affords you better opportunities for a personalized educational experience. The most successful component of our program is our strong partnerships with healthcare professionals and medical institutions. Thanks to their remarkable support, our students, gain meaningful work experience that in many cases leads to immediate employment opportunities. We invite you to call us and allow us the opportunity to customize your new career education program in the exciting and rewarding field of healthcare.   Please browse the many programs we offer.
 Certified Phlebotomy Technician

Financial Aid

Financial Aid


Cost of Full Time Attendance for the LPN Program 

The LPN program qualifies for Financial Aid.  Our Counselors are glad to assist you with the process.

All recipients of federal student aid at DCMO BOCES must meet the following requirements:

1. Complete the FAFSA.

2. Be a United States citizen or eligible non-citizen.

3. Not be in default on a federal student loan or owe a refund on a federal grant or loan.

4. Have a high school diploma or GED/HSE.

5. Be enrolled fulltime in an approved Title IV program.

6. If a male student, be registered with the Selective Service

7. Meet Satisfactory Academic Progress toward the completion of the LPN program.

8. Provide all required documents to the Financial Aid Office.

Direct Federal Student Loans are low-interest loans provided by the federal government. 

FAFSA Application 

For The LPN Program

This application is used to determine your eligibility for the Pell Grant. Your most recently filed Federal (1040) tax form is required to complete your FAFSA.

If you have already filed your FAFSA for the current school year, you must add the DCMO BOCES school code to your SAR (Student Aid Report).

To complete the Online FAFSA CLICK HERE

The DCMO BOCES school code is: 030816

Student Loan 


Adults interested in pursuing a career education program with DCMO BOCES have multiple options to pay for the program.  An arrangement with two leading financial providers of Student Loans are now available for students to apply for educational funds. Federal Plus Loans are also available for parents to borrow money to fund their children education.  Unlike grants, loans are payable, and they have application guidelines, approval process, and special terms.  

To inquire about your funding opportunities, we have placed in this page a link to each one of the financial resources organizations who can provide a student loan for our programs. Please visit their site and contact their team to assist you in the application process.

The following are links to the Student Loan programs we most commonly use:



  Smart Option Student Loan For Career Training


Health Occupations Program 
Heather Montgomery
Coordinator of Health Occupations
(607) 335-1439
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