Forms & Documents

Forms & Documents

Employee Accident/Incident Forms

This form should be completed by the employees supervisor. This form accompanies the employee accident reporting form shown above.
Employees should fill this form out to submit a formal complaint regarding discrimination and/or harassment.
This form should be completed by employees needing to report an incident resulting in stolen or damaged property.
Employees should complete this form in the event they were driving a BOCES vehicle and had an accident.

Conference Attendance Information

College Credit Approval Information

Employees furthering their education should read the following information outlining the procedures on how to get approved for college credit expense reimbursement.
Employees seeking college course cost reimbursement need to complete this form prior to enrolling in the course.

Other/Miscellaneous Forms

Employees seeking reimbursement for expenses approved by their supervisor must complete this form in order to receive a reimbursement check.
The DCMO BOCES is a NYS tax exempt organization. Any purchases or expenses should be exempt from NYS taxation. This certificate should be used as proof of tax exemption. This form may not be used for expenses/purchases not related to the DCMO BOCES.
Employees resigning from their position and leaving the DCMO BOCES should complete this resignation form.
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