Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Page

Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information Page


DCMO BOCES developed a school re-opening plan by engaging a cross-section of stakeholders from our various divisions and departments as well as from each of our employee groups. Subcommittees met to address all aspects of the New York State Education Department’s reopening guidance for Recovering, Rebuilding, and Renewing: The Spirit of New York’s Schools and the guidance provided by the New York State Department of Health: Interim Guidance for In-Person Instruction at the PreK to Grade 12 Schools During the COVID-19 Public Health Emergency. Staff, students and parents/guardians participated in a survey to offer comment and feedback.

As this plan evolved, we viewed ourselves as a school with students, teachers, support staff, classrooms, and offices, as well as a service provider. Additionally, we addressed our unique context as an essential partner to our sixteen component school districts across Delaware, Chenango, Madison and Otsego counties. 

The plan is DCMO BOCES’s response to our employees, customers, and community to ensure the students and adults who are in our educational care are provided with the quality education and services they expect from us in an environment that is safe and remains flexible. 

Provided in the School Re-Opening Plan are DCMO BOCES protocols:

- Practices and Expectations for Faculty, Staff, Students, and Visitors; 
- Plan for In-Person Instruction; 
- Plan for Remote Instruction; 
- Plan for Monitoring and Tracking Health Conditions;
- Plan for Containment; 
- Plan for Closure; 
- Training for Our Staff along with Required and Recommended 

DCMO BOCES Communication Goals:
-To encourage all students, faculty, staff, and visitors through verbal and written communication (e.g., signage) to adhere to NYSED, CDC, and DOH guidance regarding the use of acceptable face coverings - a face mask covering the nose and mouth, when a social distance cannot be maintained.
-To provide regular updates about health and safety, scheduling, and all other information faculty, staff and families should be aware of.
-To provide information to families through a wide array of platforms including mail, email, telephone calls, text messaging, social media and website postings.
-To provide information on how families can access technology and receive technical support to assist with utilization and maintenance of equipment.

DCMO BOCES developed communication materials accordingly, including the creation of sample messages/letters for COVID-19 cases or potential cases for various school audiences.

Information will be dispersed in a variety of platforms that include:
- District website
- School Messenger
- Email
- Online training
- Letters to homes
- Social media accounts used by district Clear messaging will be prepared and consistently communicated before re-entry, on the first day, during the first week, throughout the first month, and continuously throughout the year. 
- Who to contact with questions, concerns or suggestions.
- The facts as we currently know them (NYSDOH, CDC).
- The importance of social distancing, monitoring symptoms of COVID-19 and when to stay home.
- Set protocols for entrance (screening) and the review process for staff calling in sick. Constant reminders for staff to stay home if they feel sick.
- Encourage and implement social distancing in bathrooms, break rooms, hallways, etc. Installing social distancing markers on the floors, etc.
- Practice proper hand hygiene. Hand washing with soap and water for at least 20 seconds is most effective. Hand sanitizer works best on clean hands.
- Encourage and practice proper respiratory etiquette (i.e., coughing or sneezing into your elbow if a tissue is not available).
- Encouraging personal responsibility for yourself and your work area.
-Educating the school community on district policies/procedures, including how to properly wear and dispose of a face covering and other PPE.

COVID-19 Hotlines

NYS Department of Health: 

NYS Mental Health Hotline: 


DCMO BOCES, in compliance with the 2021 School Re Opening Plan publishes timely updates.  These updates are posted on our homepage under the COVID-19 UPDATES section. 

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