Cooperative Purchasing

Cooperative Purchasing

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What is Cooperative Purchasing?

It has long been known that purchasing cooperatively and competitively results in savings, not only in lower pricing, but also in time and effort. The Cooperative Purchasing Service enables participating members, large and small, to secure the pricing and advantages of large volume purchasing through aggregate bidding. Participating members benefit by receiving quality products at the lowest price available, which results in dramatic and realized savings of tax dollars. This service generates all kinds of different bided commodities, from Athletic Supplies, and Buses to Fuel and Food. 

The success story of the DCMO BOCES Cooperative Purchasing Service is really about the collaborative efforts of the component school districts that work together to explore and develop a way to save tax dollars through a BOCES shared service. The decision to develop the Cooperative Purchasing Services was based on two primary goals: the first, to save tax dollars and redirect monies to educational programs; the second, to help members stay in compliance with procurement laws.

In today's challenging economy, we are all looking for ways to save money. Likewise, school districts are searching for ways to stretch their tax dollars by working together with BOCES to develop ways, through shared services, to share the cost and save money. 

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Beth Heinlein, Purchasing Agent

(607)-335-1262 l [email protected]


Jackie Lisk, Purchasing Assistant

(607)-335-1238 l [email protected]

Ginger Bennett, Purchasing Assistant

(607)-335-1412 l [email protected] 

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