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About Us


In 1948, the New York State legislature created Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) to provide shared educational programs and services to school districts within the state. Today there are 37 BOCES that are partnering with nearly all of the state’s school districts to help meet students evolving educational needs through cost-effective and relevant programs. The Delaware-Chenango-Madison-Otsego Board of Cooperative Educational Services is a regional educational agency providing services in partnership with 16 local school districts. 

The elected Board of Education guides and oversees DCMO BOCES developing policies and fiscal responsibilities.  The District Superintendent leads the implementation of policies and the strategic plan.  Staff plays multiple roles supporting the needs of educators, students, and our community.  

Deliver high-quality educational programs and services that are diverse, innovative, and cost-effective

Propel regional growth as a premier provider of educational services
Our BOCES is one of 37 across New York State working in collaboration with our local school districts to offer programs to students and teachers, as well as administrators, and the community.  The Delaware-Chenango-Madison- Otsego Board of Cooperative Educational Services serves 16 Component School Districts with a variety of educational services.  DCMO BOCES is a large employer with a workforce of more than 400 team members who work at both our educational facilities and at our support services building.  

All individuals can learn and grow.
Students are at the center of our decision-making.
We act with honesty and integrity.
A safe and engaging environment is essential to learning.
We treat everyone with dignity and respect.
Creative thinking moves our organization forward.
We demonstrate a strong work ethic and are accountable for our actions.
Effective, transparent communication is essential to success.
We embrace collaboration and shared decision-making
DCMO BOCES, in partnership with school leadership, staff, community members, board members, and business representatives, developed a strategic plan to guide the organization's efforts.
We are under policy review. Our most current policies are numbered 1000 to 8000.  
The policies pending to review are the ones numbered 200 to 700.  

To view ALL policies follow these steps:

On the top right side of the page click on the tab labeled POLICIES

The drop down menu on the left will allow you to select the group of policies you wish to view.

To view the most current policies, choose BOARD POLICY SERVICE from the dropdown menu
To view policies pending review, choose BOARD OF EDUCATION POLICIES from the dropdown menu

DCMO BOCES complies with all Federal, State, and Department of Education Regulations. 

DCMO BOCES offers a wide range of services to component schools, municipalities, and students at our educational facilities.  From Instructional Support Services that benefit our educators to Special Education Services, BOCES caters to the needs of our schools and their students.   Management services such as printing and office services provide school districts with resources to maximize their budget.
BOCES in New York State

In 1948, the New York State legislature created Boards of Cooperative Educational Services (BOCES) to provide shared educational programs and services to school districts within the state. Today there are 37 BOCES that are partnering with nearly all of the state’s school districts to help meet students’ evolving educational needs through cost-effective and relevant programs.

BOCES membership is not currently available to the “Big Five” city school districts: New York City, Buffalo, Rochester, Yonkers, and Syracuse.

The BOCES network is capable of including municipalities and divisions of the state with school districts in the provision of cost-effective services.

Operating procedures related to new programs

Under Education Law section 1950, a BOCES may provide any educational service that is requested by two or more component districts and approved by the commissioner of education according to need and practicality in a regional context.

The BOCES then notifies component districts of the approved services, asking for a firm commitment to participate by May 1 of each year. The BOCES and the component districts then enter into formal contracts. Contracts between BOCES and component districts, when approved by the commissioner, are effective for one year. After which they may be renewed, changed or canceled. Districts may also authorize multi-year service requests from BOCES.

Schools We Serve

DCMO BOCES serves 16 Component Schools in our region.  
The following are the schools linked to their homepage:

Otselic Valley
Delaware Academy

Oxford Academy
Gilbertsville-Mount Upton
Unadilla Valley

Component Directory

Annual Budget

Services Guide

Our Building Facilities

DCMO BOCES has two regional educational centers.  Programs such as Career and Technical Education, Special Education, Childcare, and Adult and Continuing Education are offered at these facilities:

 Alan D. Pole Campus

6678 County Road 32, Norwich, NY 13815Call: (607) 335-1200 |  Fax: 607-334-9828

Robert W. Harrold Campus

270 BOCES Drive Sidney Center, NY 13839-3105Ph: 607-865-2500 |  Fax: 607-865-8685

DCMO BOCES has a central administration facility that supports both our component school districts as well as our academic facilities:

Support Services Center

142 Waupaunaucau Rd, Norwich, NY 13815Call: (607) 335-1200 |  Fax: 607-334-9848

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