DCMO BOCES Strategic Plan

Click on the link above to view the 2018-2021 Strategic Plan.  The contents reflects the adjustments made by the Strategic Planning Committee to the 2017 Strategic Plan to improve communications and to update our activities.  We use this document to guide all our activities and to focus our efforts.



Our Guiding Documents

This link will connect you to the most updated reporting document where all teams share information about their progress towards the strategic plan goals. 
This single page document can be used to share with others information about our strategic plan.  It is our official document to include in grant applications and external reports. 
The graphics contained in this document compare the results of the 2018 Employee Survey against the 2017 baseline survey.   
This document sumarizes the feedback from our survey administered to staff and representatives from our community and component schools.   
This link will connect you to the 2017-2020 Communications Plan.  This document was developed by a committee during 2017 with the goal of improving our internal communications.   
This link will take you to the platform we use for professional development, conference and for employee evaluations.

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