District Superintendent Message

Perry T. Dewey III

district superintendent perry dewey
Over the summer we have been very busy preparing for this moment. Part of the preparation has been the usual tasks that occur every summer. However, this year, we added proactive and meaningful tasks that are special to all of our staff. I thought that I would share them with this message.
I.  Results from the Staff Survey, Listening Session, and Summary of All Surveys

This year we gathered over 230 responses in the Staff Survey and benefited from well attended Listening Sessions that expressed similar concerns. When combining the information from both initiatives into a summary document, themes began to emerge. The summary data provided comprehensive information for our strategic planning committee to address these common themes during the planning process. In the future, we will continue to ask questions and monitor progress for all these concerns. Action plans will be developed and implemented with the goal of increasing employee satisfaction and improving communications at all levels.

Click to view: Summary report from our Staff Survey and Listening Sessions
Click to view: Employee Survey results

II. 2017-18 Strategic Plan

Over the summer the Strategic Planning Committee met on August 8th, 9th, 15th, and 16th. During that time they developed a new Mission and Vision for DCMO BOCES along with a set of core values, performance measures, and potential action plans. There were 25 members of the committee representing stakeholders from business and industry, our component districts' superintendents, and a variety of staff from all levels of the DCMO organization. We worked collaboratively during the four days, reaching consensus on the strategic plan document. In the end, all members of the strategic planning committee strongly voted to support the attached final document. You can view the minutes of the 4 days and track the development of the plan at the new website. We will be successful together!

Click to view: Strategic Planning meeting minutes
Click to view: DCMO BOCES summary page (vision, mission, core values)

III. Health Care and Benefits News

At the August 23rd Board of Education meeting, the BOE directed me to organize a committee to address the inequities in employee benefits and retirement occurring between our union contracts. This has been a point of discussion with the BOE since this past January. Over the summer, some of the BOE members attended a workshop that dealt directly with this topic. It would appear that HFM BOCES has an active health care plan for ALL of their employees. This is administered by a collaborative committee with representation from all unions and non-reps. This all said, I have attached a letter that was sent to our union reps asking for a meeting to discuss this possibility for DCMO. Hopefully, we will have more to report next month!

Click to view: Benefits memorandum

If you follow the link provided you will get a sneak peek at that new DCMO logo and completely overhauled website. This is our new corporate image and to assist when applying the logo to your communication tools, we developed a guide with relevant information. Currently, the website has been launched but if you notice a need for edits please let us know. Your team contributions correcting errors and improving our website are truly appreciated.

Click to view: New Website

Click to view: Logo files and Corporate Image Guide

V.  State Education Department News

Responding to your feedback to be informed about SED information, I am sharing a copy of their newsletter with relevant information impacting education decisions at the State level.

Click to view: SED August News

Role of a BOCES District Superintendent

A district superintendent is the chief executive officer of an individual BOCES. The district superintendent is responsible for both the BOCES and its component districts. A district superintendent also serves as the commissioner of education’s representative to the region.

District superintendents can provide:

Liaison Services – The district superintendent facilitates communications between the New York State Education Department and local districts, as well as other public and private agencies.

Superintendent Searches – Upon request, the district superintendent may assist component school districts in their selection process of a new school superintendent. The district superintendent at the BOCES may serve as a consultant for recruitment, screening and evaluation of candidates.

Consultant Services – Drawing from various resources, the district superintendent is available to consult with school districts on a variety of educational topics including:

  • Board-administration relationships
  • New York State Board of Regents Standards
  • State education department commissioner’s regulation interpretations and clarifications
  • Management and planning
  • School boundaries
  • Reorganization and mergers

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